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R65 Amber LED Mini Lightbar 12/24v - Single Bolt

*10-30VDC Dual Voltage *IP67 Ingress Protetion *2 Year Warranty * 18 Flash Patterns including, rotating, single and quad (R65) *15w Output

  • IP waarde : IP67

  • Voltage : 12/24v

  • Garantie: 2 Years

  • Kabel lengte : 2.5m

  • Verbruik: Current Draw (13.8V / 28V): 1.8A / 0.9A

  • draad code / Instructies :

  • Country of origin : China

  • HS Code : 8512200090

  • Wire codes / Instructions : Red - Power / Blue - Earth / Green - Flash Pattern Select / White - Dimming.†WIRING INSTRUCTIONS:†Route wires from the vehicle positive feed to the switch panel in the cab. Use suitable high-temperature vehicle wire if it passes through the engine compartment. Install a suitable in-line fuse as close to the power feed as possible. Ensure lightbar Blue wire is connected to ground source on vehicle. Use cable ties and grommets to secure and protect all cables and wires. FLASH PATTERN SELECT: Connect +VDC to Green wire for 0.5 sec. to select next flash pattern. Connect +VDC to Green wire for 2.5 sec. for default pattern #1. MOUNTING LOCATION! Ensure the chosen mounting location is a smooth flat area of the vehicle roof. Position the lightbar centrally to the vehicleís width. When mounting the lightbar ensure it is level from front-to-back and left-to-right. Ensure there are no obstructions limiting visibility to traffic.†PRE-INSTALLATION! Plan all cable routing before proceeding with installation. When drilling vehicle surface ensure the area is free from any wires, fuel lines, upholstery, air bags etc. that could be damaged.†IMPORTANT! This unit is a safety device and it must be connected to its own separate, fused power point to assure its continued operation should any other electrical accessory fail. Do not wire in parallel with any other accessory.†Disconnect the battery before wiring up the lightbar, to prevent accidental shorting, arcing and/or electrical shock.